Functional Music

r or R indecates a rest
C is middle C
0 Whole Note Whole Rest
2 Half Note Half Rest
4 Quarter Note Quarter Rest
6 Eighth Note Eigth Rest
8 Sixtenth Note Sixtenth Rest
use numbers 1,3,5,7,9 for dotted notes
Enter your own functions into each box in terms of i
The first box determins the frequency
The second box determins the duration
Functions can be anything from the list
and can contain
iterations - the number in the iterations box
note - the numeric value of the previous note calculation
duration - the numeric value of the previous duration calculation
on the first iteration both note and duration = 0
Note Function
round( | | )%15
Duration Function
round( | | )%10

Velocity (this is how hard the keys are struck an integer from 0 to 127 )
Whole Note Duration (in miliseconds the larger the number the slower the tempo)
Octive Shift